Article Title: Uninstalling the previous Bike Logs installation after updating using the installer.
Article ID: 2007-01-16-0001 Last Updated:16/01/2007 05:06

The installer package available on the download page can be used both to install a new copy of Bike Logs and to update an existing installation. Once the updated version is installed it is normally perfectly safe (and usually advisable) to uninstall the previous release by using 'Add or Remove Programs' in the Control Panel.

However, if you are using the installer package to update an existing installation of Bike Logs 1.0.5 or lower to any later release, please read this article before uninstalling the older version.

Prior to version 1.0.6, the ride log database was part of the installer package and, as files installed by the package will normally be removed when uninstalled, the potential exists for the database to be removed when uninstalling the previous version.

To avoid this possibility all you need to do is install and use the later version of Bike Logs at least once before attempting to uninstall the previous version.

When upgrading from a previous release, one of the first things Bike Logs 1.0.6 will do is move the ride log database from its default location (c:\Program Files\RedFox\Bike Logs) to a folder called 'My Bike Logs' in My Documents.

The benefits of changing the database location are that it allows multiple users to have their own ride log database and will improve the program's compatibility with Windows Vista. It also conveniently moves the database out of harm's way when uninstalling the previous version.

Since version 1.0.6 the Bike Logs version number has been included in the program name displayed in the Add or Remove Programs window. Earlier versions do not display this information (as in the picture above).

This issue only applies when updating Bike Logs 1.0.5 and earlier. Version 1.0.6 and later are designed to create their own database and, as the database is not one of the files the installer package created, it wont attempt to remove it during an uninstall.

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